Enterprise software solutions to automate your business

Business process improvement through automation

We build solutions for your business

Our solutions are built using a set of tools for common business processes but tailored to your specific needs

Data Migration and Data Cleanup!

Do you need data moved from one system into another? Do you need to deduplicate data or clean/correct it?

Spreadsheet Hell!

Do you have business processes using spreadsheets but this is becoming time-consuming, error prone and difficult to use?​

Lets Save on Labour!

Do you have a business process you desperately need to automate better to cut costs?​

Time To Upgrade!

Do you have an old unwieldly solution getting too expensive and difficult to maintain or just can’t do what the business needs?

Start Small!

Do you want to reduce risk and maximise value by building the solution in stages?

Proof of Concept!

Do you have an idea which you would like to take further and would like a proof of concept or demonstrator built quickly?

Bolt On!

Do you need a valuable enhancement which will work with your existing systems but which cannot be currently done?

Go On-line!

Do you want to move a business process online so your staff can work remotely or from different sites?

Second Set of Eyes!

Do you have doubts whether your current software provider or in-house team is providing maximum value?

enterprise software

rapid development

process workflows

easily customisable

The primary goals of business process improvement

Reducing process completion time

Identifying wasted efforts

Improving the quality of work output

Achieving regulatory compliance

Reducing friction in the process

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Building a custom solution

Steps to automating your business processes


Identify which of your business processes could be improved through automation


Discuss your business process needs with our experienced and professional staff


Our helpful team works with you to efficiently puts together a suitable solution

Our Testimonials

“After the implementation of the new system, the JETCo administration team have been able to improve processing efficiencies from 2 days to same day for electronically submitted claims. ”​
Dean Jackson
Fund Adminstrator "Amco Management Pty Ltd"
“Very proud to be working with Xelleron.com. Simply one of the most flexible and innovative workflow and entity management tools to hit the market in a very long time! ”​

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Enterprise software solutions to automate your business

Business process improvement through automation