How We Work

Phase 1: Initial Scoping Activities

It is common that an initial release of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) be made as quickly as possible so that you can start to obtain value from the solution.

Example Activities:

  1. Set up a Trello board with a series of cards where each card contains 1 or more requirements/features you would like in your solution.
  2. Setup a communications channel with discord or a mechanism on your choice (e.g. MS Teams/Slack) so that our teams can communicate with each other.
  3. Use the Trello board to develop some initial estimates and an initial execution plan

Initial estimates and an initial execution (Sprint) plan at least up to the MVP release

After phase 1, you should have a better documented understanding of your requirements. 

Phase 2: Solution Development

Once the initial plan is created, we will develop the solution using an agile methodology working closely with your team to deliver a solution to suit your priorities and budget. Using this methodology your solution will be build using a series of sprints aimed at completing Trello cards until you are happy that the solution is ready.

At the beginning of a sprint we will work with you to select cards for development in that sprint. Each sprint will then aim to implement the cards selected for development. If there is additional time (tasks are done faster) additional cards may be added to the sprint. If there are technical issues with cards in a sprint then this will be discussed with you to work out how best to proceed. At the end of each sprint we will aim to demonstrate to you some of the features implemented in that sprint. We will also aim to put updates on the test server for you and your team to try out as features are implemented.

Sprints (Typically 1-2 weeks in duration)

  • Prioritization & Card Assignment
  • Development
  • Demonstration

This agile methodology is aimed at giving you a high degree of visibility into progress, control over your priorities and spend as well as making the overall build efficient and fit for your purpose. It does require active participation from your team however for it to work effectively.

If your solution is a portal, we typically aim to have a solution with at least a subset of the features ready for you and selected team members to log into early on (typically after the first or second sprint). This is to allow you to try the implemented features and provide feedback as soon as possible.

It is quite common that as the solution is being created and you start to try it out you may want to add extra cards, deprioritise modify or remove some cards etc with the aim of producing a better outcome.

Once you are happy with the progress of the solution, your team will need to do acceptance testing to ensure you are happy with what is contained in your solution and are ok for the solution and to be released to production (go live).

After this initial solution (MVP) release, additional functionality can be added as desired in subsequent sprint – acceptance test – release cycles.

We will produce initial estimates as part of the Phase 1 Scoping activities. In the event we detect that the estimates are likely to change (e.g. unexpected technical issues, additional requirements, client feedback etc) we will notify you promptly and work with you on the best way to proceed.

Note that we try and reuse as much as we can from our existing library and components.

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