Can the team at Xelleron help me?

If you are reading this then hopefully you have a problem which needs a software solution or you are looking to see how the Xelleron team could help your business. To help answer the question of whether the Xelleron team can help you, please ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have a business process you desperately need to automate better to cut costs?

Business processes are a the heart of the way many businesses operate. By automating them where possible your business can become more competitive through reduced labour costs, reduced filing costs, reduced training times and more repeatable outcomes. The Xelleron framework provides a set of tools which can be customised to automate many of the typical business processes such as approval, stakeholder interaction, claims, scheduling, notification, booking, data entry, reporting and many more.

Do you have an old unwieldly solution getting too expensive and difficult to maintain or just can’t do what the business needs?

Software solutions typically have a finite lifespan and can become increasingly difficult to maintain and enhance as they age. Our team is very experienced in helping customers replace existing solutions to better meet your business needs. Once built, the Xelleron Framework provides tools such as a Form Builder, Workflow Editor and Entity builder to help you better maintain your new solution and continuously improve your business processes.

Do you want to reduce risk and maximise value by building the solution in stages?

Waiting for many months or even years while your solution is being built before you can realise value from it can be costly to your business. Our team at Xelleron recognises this and typically builds a solution in stages with each stage sometimes containing as little as one or two key workflows to help generate value as early as possible. We can hit the ground running because the Xelleron Framework upon which your solutions are built provides a functional clean slate out of the box with features such as login (via Google, Microsoft or Facebook), user management, security audit, history tables, form builder and many more. 

Do you have an idea which you would like to take further and would like a proof of concept or demonstrator built quickly?

Building a prototype or proof of concept system can be very useful in presentations to upper management, potential customers, investors or even just to help work out some of the hard to get right details before proceeding to a full solution. Building proof of concept and demonstration solutions quickly was one of the main reasons we created the Xelleron Framework in the first place. Our team at Xelleron has now become highly experienced at building proof of concept system using the rapid prototyping tools available in the framework. Because proof of concept solutions are built on our enterprise grade framework, much of the functionality can often also be re-used in a subsequent production solution saving you time and money.

Do you need a valuable enhancement which will work with your existing systems but which cannot be currently done?

Often it may not be feasible to automate or modify a business process your business depends on because your existing systems are off-the-shelf or older legacy systems where the vendor may not be willing or able to modify the system to suit your particular needs. The Xelleron Framework has the capability to interoperate with other systems through the use of api’s and database adaptors and can be used to implement workflows which can work harmoniously within many existing environments. The in-built ability to allow secure login via existing Microsoft, Google or Facebook accounts can help to make this a much more seamless yet still secure process.

Do you want to move a business process online so your staff can work from home, while travelling and from different sites?

From helping to comply with social distancing measures to providing your staff with increased flexibility, working remotely can be of immense value. The solutions create on the Xelleron Framwork are designed to run in common web browsers and can be hosted in the cloud or on your own systems.

Do you have doubts whether your current software provider or in-house team is providing maximum value?

As a manager it can be daunting to question the development team or even to work out if they are working efficiently and delivering good value. This can be even more difficult when your organisation has little development capability and relies exclusively on external provider(s). Our team of experts can provide an independent assessment of your current technology provider or team to help provide an independent opinion and identify opportunities for improvement.

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above questions and would like to discuss your custom software solution needs our team is ready to help:

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